Upgrades to Beholder, and Introducing Beholder Desktop

Jan. 1, 2024

Happy New Year! We hope that you have a great 2024 lined up, and as part of that, we'd like to share some news about updates that we've recently made to the Beholder Photogrammetry service.

Faster Reconstruction and Better Quality 3D Models from Beholder

Over the last year, we've spent a lot of time rewriting the photogrammetry pipeline that powers the Beholder SaaS (Software as a Service) and are pleased to announce that this new pipeline has now been deployed on https://beholder.vision. The new photogrammetry pipeline gives better results for 3D reconstruction, and it delivers them more quickly so you should hopefully find that whatever your use case, Beholder performs better for you in 2024.

Lion Bust Mesh

Beholder Desktop

In addition to reworking the photogrammetry pipeline for our SaaS offering, we have also released a standalone photogrammetry application for Windows PCs called Beholder Desktop. Releasing a downloadable version of our software allows us to better serve users who already have a powerful computer with a NVidia GPU for performing photogrammetry. In this way it's possible to use Beholder locally, or up in the cloud, depending on your use case and how many 3D models you need to build at any one time.

To support our goal of making photogrammetry more accessible and more widely available to new users, we're pleased to announce that Beholder Desktop is FREE for personal non-commercial use (supported by a small ad) and very reasonably priced for commercial use. So please download Beholder Desktop from https://beholder.vision/desktop and give it a go. We'd love to hear any comments or feedback you might have about how you get on with it.

Beholder Desktop

More Coming in 2024!

We have big plans for improving Beholder further in 2024, so please keep an eye out for further updates. As always if you've got any questions or comments about Beholder, or would just like to chat about photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction in general, please get in touch at hello@beholder.vision.

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